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Mixed Protein Rice Cake Box (12x2x32g)


Protein Rice Cakes (Mixed Box of 12)

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Introducing Mountain Joe's Protein Rice Cakes, the ultimate guilt-free indulgence that combines bakery-style goodness with protein-packed nutrition. These innovative rice cakes will revolutionize your snacking experience, taking it to the next level.

Each rice cake in our mixed box is enveloped in either luscious white chocolate or decadent dark chocolate, providing a heavenly indulgence without compromising your health goals. With over 10g of protein and low sugar content, these convenient twin packs are perfect for fuelling your active lifestyle, supporting muscle recovery, and satisfying your sweet tooth.

Why Choose Mountain Joe's Protein Rice Cakes?

  • High Protein: Fuel your active lifestyle with protein-packed rice cakes.
  • Vegetarian-Friendly: Crafted with vegetarian ingredients.
  • Low Sugar: Satisfy your sweet cravings without guilt.
  • Twin Pack: Convenient and portion-controlled snack option.
  • Fully Immersed Coating: Enjoy the velvety white chocolate or rich dark chocolate coating that covers each rice cake.

Whether you're a fitness lover, professional, or simply seeking a healthier snack alternative, Mountain Joe's Protein Rice Cakes are the perfect choice. Pack them in your gym bag, include them in your lunchbox, or indulge guilt-free as a dessert. Don't miss out on our mixed boxes for added variety.

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White Chocolate Rice Cake

Chocolate Rice Cake

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